Derrick Tyson – 3 Poems

Derrick Tyson

3 Poems


driving by, as a drive-by
for the faux pas, fertile be
-lief. the choice is in the
dearest affliction. the night
as a weighty determination,
navy blue southern, carnation
& lemon-yellow splattered
with temptress in far north,
easing the zigzag of birds in
lost flight, red-slippery,
assured light that could be lost
tomorrow. it looked to be the
silhouette of human limbs
on the highrise building, only
to find out it was the top of
braided trees, striking stories
with taunting


Catacombs Are Doorways When Unfulfilled

one becomes                                        1. the becoming
of a fireplace. don’t walk around
in this place unless you’re an expert
at ceiling running. the recesses of
shaft built for your chairlift meadow
eases blue, from a distance, and black
scars outlining the influence of at-
traction tracking the plea for new
tunnels to be buried into.                       2. our bones are periwinkle

in fine resort under microscopes        in
into the next millenium. the next dam
-p and dark autobiographical features.

after the year 2100, dna marks a history
point in investigative predictions that
dinosaurs still roam the earth as humans.

                                                          8. i’m renaming the himalayas
but             it’s a secret. the secreted
platform.    silver streaks of a bent bending  _.-= * =._  {preserved}
it’s a slope of our pizzazz
                 a puzzle for the quartz in me.

Of Eastern

for then and now.

Rx: hot drink      followed behind—
we are built to define like air between
scalp and murderer. free from uncluttered
clasping material.    minerals evolve from
the way the television bounces light a
-round the room, and the genuine marigold
of eastern sky, chained to a disguise.

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