Jeremy P. Bushnell

Two Poems

Instruction Poem III

To pursue the IKEA Beauty is the game’s challenge here.  She will escape westward through
challenging terrain, which may prove difficult to the beginning or even the intermediate user.
Through fire, lakes of blades.

To pursue the IKEA Beauty, make sure that you possess the HenryHiggins and the
Cashcard.  Then enter the field, westward, as mentioned above.  Avoid the Triffids and the
Skunks—although you have the wand capacity to deplete them, the skirmishes will cost you
various time.

Similarly, it is best to avoid the various sub-worlds that the game will spawn here.  You can
always come back to complete them later.

Utilize the HenryHiggins to gain entry to the coded landscape. You will need to don it, as a
sort of mask.  Be cautious, as the application is permanent.

Once you have come through the grafting process, you should have no difficulty completing
the pursuit successfully.  You will win a set of tokens.  Retain these for future use.

Instruction Poem VII

1.  Take a piece of paper.  Fold it along its key vertices.  Cut, if necessary.  Bury it in rich soil
and wait until spring.

2.  Find a book with a charge congruent to the desired charge.  Select words from it using
any of the commonly available methods.  Indicate them as an offering.  Throughout the day,
other (new) words will be conveyed to you, in gratitude.  Note them.

3.  Sacrifice an animal.  Note: in many systems the sacrifice has been made for you in
advance, and you can extract benefit by means of meditating upon it or visualizing it.
Beginners may feel free to use supplements (sacrifice films, etc.).

4.  Notice patterns.  Filter out everything that does not fit your god’s schema.  Hold a
dialogue with what remains.

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