Del Ray Cross – or should i give myself a

Del Ray Cross

or should i give myself a

i’ve revamped the fog.  the turf tongue
clouds and the how’s it been thirteen
years since we.  and i dreamed
disingenuous dreams no trees a.
cathedral of earth.  unopened oh
why don’t you just open it.  when
i met the car.  i’d revamped the fog
turf.  go for broke.  when a good poet
dies ingenuity.  a little boy a little
orange boat on the gray bay cloudful.
a demented yellow truck a sailboat.
the surface of the bay like a map.
turquoise ashtray gray violet astroturf
globecolored homogeny.  is not
for us.  mono a nono.  where this is
heading ashram.  this automatic add up.
this stolen flag from south dakota.
many red apartment buildings.

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