Stephanie Young – can these two poems be one?

Stephanie Young

can these two poems be one?

I make it like a tank.  Timing signals plaster from the sky is falling on the stairs and why
doesn’t someone get a towel.  On the genome map you hit it out of the park.  You hit it into
the water where sky falls onto the city and we like to call that night.  There is even a song to
go with.  To go with me while the sky is plowing through paper where I am water soluble and
dissolve at the first drop.  By the clock it read early AM when I got the message in the
butcher block, when I got up to make myself some paper.

What can be timed with a timer: it is a mystery.  In the ways of love there is another
called breakfast.  In love you may live in the uninsulated house but the larger problem is flags
on sticks, the real difficulty of bite size business.  Real breakfast is real trouble over a high
flame no matter how many phones you have in your hands.  No matter how many smaller
sandwiches you may have eaten there is oatmeal, and you grinning stupidly into it.

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