Alli Warren

Getting Ready To Have Been Fully Ensconced

I touch the work
the work touches me

the backdrop is a fine mesh
through which posses thump and leak

icing emerging markets
in which the gathering mound protrudes

This the grammar
in which form comes

This the nature of the transcript
between persons

that terminal moraine
ever attenuating from lap to lap

Sometimes foghorns reach the city-centre
Sometimes one hundred spondees provide the tools necessary

to utilize a system while maintaining
a case concept not bound by that system

And that is the story
of how I earned my purple heart

Balled up on the murphy bed
accusing nipples of gold digging

lacking the conviction necessary to move
off the unconfused upholstery

Getting ready to have been fully ensconced
They tell you what you need is intake packets

but I want to tap the gap back
till form and form’s fiancé turn fatback

I’ve been down with men’s frank tearfulness after epic victories
I’ve known a diverted thrust or two

I want a redo
I want the ability to use the weapon

That plump lushness
bending the bits

Dear impresario, do it
where the congress can’t reach us

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