Matthew Johnstone

Two Poems

Do not stare the ridge

           The papers    can be wrong,            then
begun to see small white pieces of god or city around which
the god or city is
accumulating, accumulated bright hunger

“…to chase – to waylay – to overtake – to pursue…”

in which alone is the sun open for everyone too

arrived and some rust coloration,
photographs of last years team
a caption,      the pendulum is on me,

I want this looking done to the walker of streets,
to leather voice streak the rage for earth like you and me
are,      adversary in your city,

             develop yr claw,      quick kingdom be dim,
             draw faster

how watery is formlessness? Brown, the only dog left ticks by
the window, rain plick every wood to gather over the fire.

When the winter
turn white I am sorry Jack Spicer.

The South make hair shorter,

Jaw tender this corpse was a coward you can tell.
             Smoke earthly augusts flung themself at with calm both
sides of highway.

At the corner the house of chickens and geese near ocean. I’ve
             wanted to tell you that for a long time.

In honey, through the
modern field with its being young with you the wilds either side
fascinated, everything white

Smell the air in the chant, blood moves faster the papers arrived.

Do not stare continuously at a ridge, I know a plane an uneasy one. Do
me favors.

            Razor in the car,
            Please make it look like early morning.

Man in fog is collapsed in,

            Through unincorporated land

looking for the big spider

Later a quarry, Eventually the country

Almost liking a field together

            Finding rose and trashbins to smoke behind

Abandoned shade stories about

a forest in May, Horn in the region

How our corner place rang the town

            A brush, The devil tail you call your mouth

Took to swimming in, The meter of fish houses

            Down at June’s

The second hell is boredom, The first

Attracted by round form locked in suns

Such angel nuns

            to mention liquor, Redundant

because there is a flap a

Tractor by lavender which grow now

Rest on the bridge

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