Jason Earls – 2 Poems

Jason Earls

2 Poems

Mauve 103

Bees pull weeds out of their minds.
They stop at flowers or bushes,
     with or without petals.
And saliva on the dog’s jowls
     doesn’t contract or intefere.  Business.
The cloud moving above provides a clue
     to cracks in the earth.
Five bees and a doorbell.
One hundred and three degrees.
All of this
     should touch their hearts.
The heartless fucking assholes.


To walk the challenge of logic.
Something stalks by and of course it is never easy
     staring at immortality all day.  Or junk.
To paint a bridge takes patience and a little whimsy.
The point on the map looms large like a walk
     to Broken Bow.
Marked much too big for a town we couldn’t
     even walk through.  Leaves.
We noticed a fly rotate 360 degrees
     15 degrees at a time at 2 second intervals
     with its pupils locked in on the
     veins of a leaf.
So many eyes, I have read.
Preferable to observe under a microscope
     where the lens
     ually reveals him walking through a map.

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