Steve Timm – from De/term/st/ination

Steve Timm

from De/term/st/ination

so if i got it this page’s
a form the letters you see are
your seeing will be when
my writing them’s
one & whatever the hell is happening
with the axons & neuromitters et
alla them is or are one or
         that’s i suppose
close enough as the trembling
neophyte holding the gun says
as though the gun were wagging
its holder
louse eggs make a louse i remember
7 lonely nights make one lonely me
& the nose is meatal rods number
unspecified a bundle let’s call it
then, 1
            it is said the buddha knows all the
thoughts all the persons hold in their
brains so that’s minimum 16.5
billion forms right there not counting
the fleas the 7 lice (49 eggs)
or if a cat rubs against your leg
                         we come to figure
unrealeasable numbers smaller
in their being than a mind can hold
for it is so entertainingly diff
icult to reckon by with & null case these ancient measures
for hoping
                   it is shamble the
going on
going on to
60 to zero in . (‘point’)
call it a dark wood in the middle
of the via iter if you wanna
if it helps
                 it is samba
stopping in the mid of it
walking perpendicular like you were
the ending to a movie the money
run out i realize it’s just stick
plus stick plus stick figure
or letter or number the awfullest
pun that ever did
take (have (give)) form

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