Cameron Scott Conaway II

Shampoo Label For You

For hair so…
radiant the sun’s rays
retract. Strands so soft
silk becomes sand-paper.
So lovely and lustful,
a cap-full is all that’s
needed to make your man
cover his loins with
your luscious locks.
So bold and bouncy,
boys on trampolines
can’t jump. So vibrant
and lavish, lavender
turns light yellow and
green grass turns gray.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
For hair so fit and
flexible, contortionists
pull hamstrings. For
hair so wild and wavy,
wind stops, earth stops,
moon’s gravitational
pull ceases and water
runs backward or becomes
stagnant – the opposite
of your hair. For hair so
invigorating and fresh,
bread grows on mold, so
clean and revitalized,
the dead rise, look into
your eyes, no, into your
hair, and disappear into
thin, no, thick air.

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