Eileen Tabios – The World Is Yours

Eileen Tabios

The World Is Yours


when even Bulgarians
pay dividends

when Eastern Europe
restores housing

when the Future remains
“rooted in the past”


Who shall defeat
the giants playing golf
while white proxy cards
get hijacked
by a coke bottler
eliminating 2,000 jobs

The Internet implodes
from calls for the next generation
while Russian cartographers
attack Vanitas Software

Sap.com rushes
its employee orientations
as the “new economy”
becomes the “new New Economy”

Offstage from a dream
a deep voice proclaims
“Soon we will be writing
to formally ask for your support”

How to turn information
into cash
while empowering executives
to promote smart energy management

when “Mutual Funds”
is clearly an oxymoron

when Merrill Lynch’s growth funds
post negative yields, year-to-date

when pork bellies slump
from weakened futures

Must Tupperware return
to the headlines

Katherine Graham
is dead

Mike Saltzeim no longer spins
Coney Island’s carousel

through sunlit summers, ice-cold
winters and “lurching changes”
roiling “the amusement trade”-
Mike Saltzeim’s heart has failed.


Today, in San Antonio and Fresno,
the temperature topped 100 degrees

Baseball is demeaned
by calls to broaden the strike zone

Mark Wohlers allowed nine hits
and four walks within 5 innings

Nor are encores easy
at the British Open


The Minnesota Twins will swallow
$5 million for Joe Mauer

The world is yours
through a laptop:
from yearning
for Home

A pathologist embodies logic
by becoming a champion marathoner

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