Dan Brady – Three Poems

Dan Brady

Three Poems

                                      From Sonnets to E——

All I give back to you
is the gold and purple of my heart,
unstained, untold, and placed
in the external part of a wall.
It will be unexpectedly large.
Am I cold? Ungrateful?
For the most part.
This is a great gift.
I do not believe
that nothing stops backwards.
It continues over everything.
I’m not cold, but poor
and hyperventilating.The color of my life
is a dead, pale material.
Had it not been for the facts,
I could rest
my distant head.
E—— asks God,
whom she knows,
for frequent tips.

                                      From Sonnets to E——
In another time,
and time after time,
a thousand will love me.

My repeated words
a cuckoo-song
without the cuckoo-tension.
They come like a cool spring
and finish green.

I enter a blackout of compliments
and doubtful spirit-voices.

In the pain of doubt, I hear
In another time,
a thousand will love me.

Who can fear to be a star?
To roll through heaven,
crowned in flowers
year after year?

A thousand will love me.
A thousand will love me.

Like the toll of a silver bell,

expensive, silent, soulful.

                                      From Sonnets to E——
It is certainly true, if I begin
a thousand may give their lives for me.

E——, I can be brighter than any sun
and colder than any death. I marvel,

when I read my own letters, they spill
like wine from my fingers. In my dreams

of death, only then do I assume a lower life.
Even then, I’m loved. Breathe me in

because there are others that don’t
count me a stranger. My love

is acres wide and hotter than any degree
can measure. In my sight, Heaven is a demotion.

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