Eileen Tabios – Two Poems from The Masvikiru Quatrai

Eileen Tabios

Two Poems from The Masvikiru Quatrains

–after “cornucopia” by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

legatee: screwball fifteenth
gymnasia: saunter indictable
womanizer: preconceived fire
wheedle: vagary slow-witted

suffragette: slain mineral
bosun: stagflation hazelnut
acrobat: clip joint
premiere: flagpole cocker

battery: sundae electrical
legalese: colonel seven
sanguine: Laotian streptococcus
evergreen: cyclic terry

desideratum: kiss orthodontist
checkerboard: inkwell forswore
quixotic: logical intuitive
griffin: shrill herbivore

gumdrop: jack-o-lantern upbringing
conjugal: intravenous myth
nebulae: gaudiness veer
portcullis: marsupial economist

klutz: heron solar
seashore: gentry jangle
audit: worm apron
slenderness: disabuse conjurer

antiparticle: exhumation transplantation
masseur: warty Congress
superscript: Flemish bleeder
archenemy: age swizzle

denature: flatter ligature
antebellum: lure rim
demobilization: topmost windjammer
marsupial: ovarian transpire

–after “cornucopia” by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

amatory: snafu productivity
esophagus: day semaphore
tuition: seismic fullback
urinary: U-boat croup

cockfight: steamship October
cusp: sober seedy
birdseed: transubstantiation mien
arithmetic: trench inadequacy

tumble: pi wow
Madonna: dishrag tote
Taiwanese: v mattock
grueling: specie athlete

erstwhile: divider p.m.
pitchfork: resin dressage
polar: mangrove accomplished
espousal: métier incompatible

marinate: ginkgo Miss
invective: deathlike savoir
revolver: skylark publish
seminary: twitter constabulary

pelvic: credentials nasturtium
galleon: obduracy aborigine
syllabify: boll artlessness
misjudgment: salsa spine

acoustic: sufficiency peripatetic
mascara: barium cop-out
octagon: heirloom pickings
miniskirt: G improvisation

Pyrex: infantile extrapolate
percale: morale fulminate
crevasse: roebuck bassist
Inferno: strange preconceive

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