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S H A M P O O   15

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal works in the mental health field and lives in West Covina, California.  he was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico).

Barbara Blatner, poet/playwright/composer, has incorrigibly curly brown hair, recently moved to Washington Heights in Manhattan, likes direct language in poetry, and still believes, with Pound, that artists are the “antennae of the race.”

John Cotter has perched his curvy slippers on the magic carpet of Shafer Hall’s poetry.  he hopes for a long ride.

Del Ray Cross reserves the right to call anything he wants to call poetry poetry.

Christopher Davis, a sex addict, lives in Charlotte, where he enjoys getting in trouble (he grew up in Southern California in the 70s and has tenure.)  poems of his are forthcoming in Volt and American Poetry Review.

William Charles Delman works and lives in Boston.  he has just completed his first novel and is in the process of looking for a publisher.  he enjoys a good glass of Glenmorangie in the evening, a good stiff cup of coffee in the morning.  more of his work can be seen in Bovine Free Wyoming, and in C/Oasis.

Sophia Dever says “we are 6.  we are in kindergarten.  we love our teacher.  her name is Jane.  this is mostly false.”  Sophia’s mother says: “for the record, the only accurate part of her biography is that she’s 6; she’s never been in school, and knows nobody named Jane.  I don’t know why she considers herself to be plural.”

C. Nolan Deweese plays the pump organ for the Incognito Travelling Circus and the Lost Circus Band.  he has a valuable collection of pogs.  he has two books: Cowboy Atlas, released in 2000 and impossible to find, and I Am Five People, not yet released and therefore harder to obtain.

Thomas Fink is the author of two books of poetry, most recently Gossip (Marsh Hawk Press, 2001), and two books of criticism.  he believes that CVS Therapeutic Shampoo, which includes coal tar, is a remarkably effective anti-dandruff product.

Andrew French.  name: ANDREW NEAL FRENCH; age: 42; occupation: POET; place of birth: THE RIVER.

Dave Gardner hangs from the rafters in Boulder, Colorado with a crack in his windshield.  a recent MFA graduate at Naropa University, you can find his work at such adorable journals as Nerve Lantern, Avoid Strange Men, and 3 Therefore 2.   strictly no cheese, just lemonade…

Shafer Hall thinks poetry has all the populism of Rock and Roll, and he behaves accordingly, but not so much so that he has tattooed letters on his knuckles.  yet.

Jnana Hodson says “in relationships unintentionally paralleling the glossy magazines and Hollywood images, I found how difficult it is to know my own reality, much less that of my partner’s.  how much one’s shaped by the other, as well.  at today’s pace, how often everything remains fragmentary.  call these chaos field poems, if you must.”

Brenda Iijima. ‘Hegel battered the “I” as you see it.  the departure of the self like a traveler—walk into the materiality of the poem.  in its highest power the
painting gives me a jolt, then I paint it, then I write its estrangement.  I
live in Brooklyn.  are there any bidders for Aware and Around Sea (two 100+ page manuscripts ready to be published)?  Kristeva in Paris might like them.’

Paolo Javier’s chapbook, i sculpt poems, was recently published online by xpressed, a Finland-based publisher of experimental poetry.  he’s considering switching to Baby Shampoo again for the winter months, which is always kind to Asian hair, and ideal to use throughout January for its guarantee of ‘no more tears.’

Susanna Kittredge swalge mango footbath.  never any mustard.  blatant sprout.

Joseph Lease is the author of a book of poems, Human Rights (Zoland Books), and a chapbook, My Sister Life (Jensen/Daniels).  his poem “‘Broken World’ (For James Assatly)” was selected by Robert Creeley for The Best American Poetry 2002 (Scribner).  his poem “Words like Rain” was selected for The AGNI 30th Anniversary Anthology.  Thomas Fink’s new book, A Different Sense of Power (Associated University Presses, 2001) includes an extensive discussion of Lease’s longer poems.

Daniel W.K. Lee is a widely published writer-artist/fundamentally unlovable smartass who lives in New York City.  also a former go-go dancer/stripper, he just figured out he isn’t cut out to have a sugar daddy because of an annoying thing called, “emotional integrity,” and thus may possibly spend the rest of his life in student loan debt.

Richard Lopez has a chapbook forthcoming, The Grapevine, from 24th St
Irregular Press.  a recovering 80s punk rocker, he is presently at work on a
beer belly.  he insists the correct word for moshing is slamdancing.

Cathy McArthur spent much of her childhood singing with her father at neighborhood parties in Queens, New York.  when she is not singing or writing or teaching part-time, she is swimming or floating in pools, lakes or tubs (the latter sometimes with shampoo).  she also studies poetry in the MA program at the City College of New York.  her work has appeared in the Memphis State Review, Blue Fifth Review, Big City Lit, The Pedestal Magazine, and Poetz.

Murray Moulding is the oldest living juvenile in republican Evergreen, Colorado.  seeks look-alikes.  new work forthcoming in Shiny.

Curran Nault just turned 21.

Ronald Palmer just moved to 600 West 141st Street in Harlem (New York City).  please stop by!  he is teaching his seminar course “The Secret” at The New School University, so now he has a small group of geniuses with whom—every Monday night—he gets to play.  most recently they each read aloud a poem from Louise Gluck’s The Wild Iris.  he has become obsessed with thunder and loves to writhe beneath the city on a subway seat during a really loud storm.

James Penha is a native New Yorker who teaches at the Jakarta International School in Indonesia.  among the most recent of his publications are a story in Columbia and poems in Thema.  a chapbook of his selected poems was published in 2001 by Pudding House as part of its “Greatest Hits” series honoring the work of small-press poets.

Mark Peters is a teacher, writer, juggler, and bogus astrologer from Buffalo, New York.  sometimes his naturally curly hair is difficult to manage, but all who know Mark agree that his gorgeous dark locks are well worth the trouble.

Lori Quillen is knee-deep in nitrogen knowledge during the day and “crying the crooked letter” with the oxen in the evening.  an entire tree outside of her office window has been turned into a bird-feeder-buffet.  after several failed attempts at gaining legal entry into the buildings on Timothy Leary’s estate, she has resigned herself to admiring the landscaping.

as Larry Sawyer awoke one morning from a troubled dream, he found
himself changed in his bed to some monstrous kind of insect.

Ognjen Smiljanic had a Chateau Legrezzete Le Pigeonnaire with a Big Mac for dinner.  he also washes his hair with animal-free shampoo.

Erik Sweet.  “break the surface quiet like an alligator’s nose.” – Kweli

Eileen Tabios inaugurated another new career – farming! – by recently harvesting 200 pounds of olives from her one olive tree.  otherwise, she is recommending the brilliant chapbook, er, um by poet Garrett Caples and artist Hu Xin (for more info, see Meritage Press).

Lakey Teasdale lives in remote proximity on the island of South Ronaldsay, Orkney in the village of St Margaret’s Hope.  she is honoured and blessed to be the mother of Billy, a sculptor at Glasgow School of Art, and Maggie, the Last Samurai, reading English Language at University of Glasgow.  she plays the recorder, preferring Isaac over all other composers, except for Bach, Purcell, and Byrd.  her long walks are cut short by the fact that she lives on an island and must navigate in circles towards the white-and-glaciers of Antarctica.

Nathalie Trytell lives in Brooklyn, New York, moved there three months ago from Boston, where she attended Massachusetts College of Art and received a BFA in printmaking.  she loves writing, it’s her escape.

Zinovy Vayman.  no zzz for this z.

Rosanne Wasserman; her man, Eugene Richie; and her son, Joey Richie, just got back from the Party of the City Without Walls, a party that William Wilson says has been going on forever.  “we got to talk to John and David, Annabel and Irene, Claire and Olivier, Amy and Denis, Omar, Larry, and many other friends old and new.  you’re invited, too.”

J. Marie Wilkinson believes that eating hammers is the breakfast of true champions, that Werner Herzog is god, and that, each day, you have another chance to discover the tiniest places in your body where the materiality of love has ruined your life.  Wilkinson teaches creative writing at the
University of Arizona and is the Poetry Editor of the Sonora Review.  other work online can be found at can we have our ball back? & Moria.

since appearing in Shampoo #14, Mark Young has appeared in Aida, Waiting for Godot, A Day in the Nose of Michael Jackson, the New Zealand National Anthem, the Bollywood action movie The Seven Sadhus, and a glove puppet interpretation of Crime and Punishment.  links to his online work can be found at the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre.

that’s right, Stephanie Young is back in Oakland.  she loves the lake, and walks beside it.  La Estrillita: down the street!

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