Larry Sawyer – Comely Ham

Larry Sawyer

Comely Ham

Northward and across the blind melon we drift
without acceptance but with our radiant cheese
some swift delicatessen lent to these avenues
a portmanteau of our own awakening

in these nights which shine like lacquer
the parchment of his idiocy was music as
a blender mixing the final drink seals your dismemberment
gives restitution to the cleft bosom of astonishment

I have seen you burst forth as if a comely ham
upon the scene and pronounce there, “who are you to
act the impresario,” and “so-and-so and so forth” gouging
night with radiant eyes that have paper centers

upon the electric grass fields of your nascent consciousness
an idea is dimly napping, that you have neither
underwear nor ample equipment to satisfy your mistress
poetry is another matter and altogether stranger

stranded as we are upon cartoon horses in a desert
let us join hands and descend
toward the final night that glistens at the pool’s bottom
crashing like movie stars in vintage cars over misunderstood cliffs

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