Del Ray Cross

Del Ray Cross

2 Postcard Poems
from Postcard Poems:  Jim Behrle & Del Ray Cross

skirt around the real issues
release some jaws of detail
win a lottery due process
research my payback
it hammers the fuck out of
a voice that looks a little
like Paula Poundstone
certainly it has a dual purpose
just take my hand and
burn through the floor full of
blue smoke and we can
dance even this close
and see nobody


trees twinkle above my dad’s dead shoes
which step over a little sprig of pine
that’s lodged in a sidewalk crack
I watch a grocery buggy decide not to
pass under some police tape
nononono they’ve sawed down the
circle of trees in Sydney Walton Square
I get up redfaced and walk back to work
dodge a falling leaf
look for the three doves from last year
not here
then peer over Davis Street
where the leaf-rakers
are breakdancing under the plum trees


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