Suzy Saul – Full

Suzy Saul


The moon wades in my window,
implacable, indifferent to itself,
following its own path in dark
deepening from ankles to thighs
— it crosses the foot of my bed —
ignorant of sirens, traffic-lights,
cross-streets, all the usual sounds
and obstructions of human traffic,
striding like Neptune up the shingle
of beach created by tide and battering
of waves, knowing no interference,
no barrier, nothing — darling — of our tiny
questions and answers, our frets and
perplexities, our uneasy submission to
what we find so mysterious and hard
we invent suggestive names for it
we don’t even understand.

Its feet have met mine.

It creeps so softly, with such
insinuation, up my swaddled form,
seeking my face, my eyes, my
it is smiling, it knows
I cannot resist, do not want
to resist, only pretend
to resist, because this is a
cosmic game and I
am so honored, so game,
so delighted — no, enlightened —
to be overtaken, consumed,
melted, moon-struck, taken
up — up —
like any acolyte
grateful for light,
any light?
especially at night.

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