John Rubio – Me and the Insanity

John Rubio

Me and the Insanity

Dear me and the insanity,
You know the dove
Enslaved the pigeon
To make shyness and
Need just enough under
The street lamps—useless
Under the day like
Lonely saints and the stains
Of everything left undone.

There she is—there
You are—the one who
Got away—like the grenade
That blinded the juggler,
And all my puddles turned
A desperate yellow, turned
The tears to oil—so bless

You lovers, every time you
Cry, I see god with howl
In his eyes and his hair
On fire, riding a star like
A rodeo giant, 8 seconds longer
Than our love could last.

I see him and I see you
And no word or practice could
Stop this stone.  Perhaps a
Thousand promises, perhaps
A mountain trying to hide
Its weeping rivers, but no
Matter how many strong hushes,
Even zen looks into the
Night sky and moans over
Its crumbling heart.

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