Eileen Myles – early film

Eileen Myles

early film

I was drinking
my cocoa wondering
am I little bear
or big bear
but this is like sex w everybody
with the raindrops
off the roof
guess why I didn’t
go out
tonight. The drippiness
is so good
thousands of years
ago we came
to this place
it’s a baby they
plucking me
out of the
perhaps you’ve
felt the
the corolla
of your
life peaceful
in my
but a big
job ahead
the man followed
me into
the bathroom
inside I
was shooting
what no man’s
ever seen
the small lock
& the drips
on the floor
drips close
drips large

the whole world
is fiction
he declared
in an interview
given at the
beach. Do you like
olives. Then
have some
he said shoving
in his
mouth. And
the small
hard buds
under water
are a solid
form of
this. A shrunken
story like
a head
its sewn up
I should
have stayed
home. It’s chosen
& framed
even here
where I force
the excitement
out of my
I’m beside
in here.
And it started
this way:
Adam & Eve.

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