Kit Robinson

Modern Living

When I was living in a sound world
The music stayed music
To a hammer everything looks like a nail
Enter horns right on time
Last chance to dance

Yes! There are blue poles of distant light
And yes, circulating dishes of transparent light
The end goal of diction is reach
The hammer travels northward
And I only end my song on an and

A gift to some is a careful pail of nothing
Long habits surround the action starting back
When you sigh you size up the competition
Requires handles listens doors away
Recently returned from the front

Loosely based on a novel idea
You can sleep when you die
Check later on that
Huge toes crash down on surface
One hand washes the others

When you step up you find you are on it
The rapid circulation of exact replicas
Choosing their parts while you choose yours
Locking into the ongoing presentation
Of daily life the very instant it appears

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