Luke Humphries – (humphries)

Luke Humphries


it only ever takes one bravado pebble

for the sticklebacks to flirt with the

resulting water halos

cavorting with water reeds

messing up lilly pads


and frog platoons voyeurs of

the voluptuous slithers of sun shrapnel

slowly undressing seven veils to the

hum of the wind


they’ve built an eraser factory upon

a mass grave of ripples

and pond skippers

the factory pride their selves

upon producing the finest erasers

three counties wide

i work there

and i swan about in

my cold clinic uniform

like a dog who dumps daises

(i’m generally unhappy and

live through eraser villages, pen top

people and cows with drawing pin legs)

cavorting with water reeds
messing up lily pads

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