Wanda Phipps – excerpts from a journal of emotional

Wanda Phipps

excerpts from a journal of emotional sensation

Friday, March 22, 2002

Anxious, waiting for the road–last minute–last minute–last minute
errands–preparation–how can I love you so much–how is it possible?
Chest–throat tightening–aching–eyes too moist–am I insane?  Is this
insanity or merely impracticality?

Poor black cat will miss us.


Saturday, March 23, 2002


Brancusi’s “Caryatid”, cloth by Tuttle–filming Beuys’ sculpture “The
Silence” based on Bergman’s film of the same name–Yvonne Rainer’s “Film
About a Woman Who”…

Sunday, March 24, 2002

What isn’t said?  Turtle with the hole in the bottom–oddly
interconnecting stories–relaxed and happy but somehow feeling I’ve been
found lacking–exhausted and tipsy I was shy and girlish not bold and
outspoken–head’s in awkward places.


She laces the baby food for the cat with St. John’s Wort–he’s been
depressed–the cat–traumatized by the vet–I finish Man Ship and
start Frosted–Jim came through on bookstores to visit and I go over
my Spanish flashcards and wait for us all to be ready–if we’re ever
ready–I’m never totally ready but we’ll go anyway–will go–have to

Armory Park, Johnny Chimi’s Place, Regency Plaza, Down/city, Trinity,
Sportsman, Detour, Welcome, Go Providence, Kennedy Square, NexTel,
Memorial Boulevard, The First Baptist Church in America, The Ultimate in
City Living, Olives, Mushashuk Square, University Heights, Do Not Enter,
Petco, Miko, Pleasant Street, Pack & Ship, the Map Center, Come
Advertise with us, Emblem & Badge, Vartian, Field Brigade, Pawn, Studio
Nails, Rent-a-Center, The Sandwich Hut, Zenith, Second Thoughts, “I’ll
Take You There,” Miriam’s Toad & Frog.

Frank’s diner–Olga’s Cup & Saucer–romp around Brown after the most
amazing fire dress–“Now we’re about to cross Friendship,” Sheri says
somewhere on our way to Hope.

Stuffed, sleepy, freezing down Willow just at Theresa.  We enter the
Samuel Boardman House-1869.

Yes–you stroked my hair that way–mind there–fine.

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