Holly Day – Two Poems

Holly Day

Two Poems

Three Screwdrivers Hello

I pushed carts for six years before
reaching my destination. The gorilla suit
was tight and itchy and
much too warm to wear in the summer.
I don’t know how many times I had to stop,
strip down, and spread out on the sand
just to remember the same things about my body
most people are completely ignorant of knowing.

I’ll bet if you put all my dreams in one pocket
you’d have room enough for bus fare in change.
I get like a razor when you say
“understand,” mock the lonely inside me
as I bind scraped skin together. There are
too many other lost people out there
for me to be fooled by your sympathy.


the otter in the
water chirps soft
in time to the movements of its
body as it holds tight with its nails
to the rocks to keep
from being swept away by the rain.
it has made its home in
the dark corner of
the river, here, where the rocks hide
long gray crayfish
tails curled beneath their bodies as if
to hide
the parts that taste best.

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