Christian Peet – from The Notebooks of Ernesto Blanc

Christian Peet

from The Notebooks of Ernesto Blanco



He is pink.  He is pink.  He is pink.  He is the serious worker of the gentleman. Color of rose of the stench.  The pink skin scratches, I adventure to conjecture of my movable window.


All the one that stabs an immense system, confused of systems of a tumor gives the headache me.  It puts eyes in my hand that I can see the heart that I have been torn of the center of the system I left.  God that it avoids me.  Land, the trees, ways, buildings and serve the objects non-individual.  It ties my hand.  The systems of varied elements, or the classes of phenomena.  Tracks of the surface of underlying processes.  It disables my hand.  A river not a river, but a connection.  In the circuit of the hydrology, means of the transport.  Taking certain volumes of material in certain tariff within a segment of a cycle.  It tries to slice of my hand, his God that subject the force, that it alters the Earth form of a constant calculable way.  The trees give return far from me.  All the species, dimension, color, erasure, only the chemical factories lead by the light of the sun. Avoided stations.  Biological transforming into the interchange of the energy. Avoided.  Between lithosphere and the atmosphere.  Of imitation.  Its body my angered or scared lover, my dynamic balance of the processes that constructed and the reciprocal emotions.  Annulled, written with a hand of the tremor, annulled, written in pacific sand.


The individual in the Texaco said they are giving returned to this coast in a great state, from Mexico to Canada.  It is apparently a common feeling towards outside here.  I have heard it before, and each one was certainly in the agreement, at least in the convenience warehouse.


Of the definition by which the members of a social group cooperate.  And it builds reciprocally.  It indicates the main function of the language in society.  It has, of course, other means of the cooperation between the alive beings.  Like witness the package of the wolf, the cluster of bees, etc.  The men even can not only cooperate writing or by gesture but by real the physical obligation or a smile or to raise of an eyebrow.  Everything what we meant to say is that one between men the language is the most common and more important means to a great extent of the cooperation.  The society as now constituted could not continue of length without the use of the language.  We do not have to forget to us, nevertheless, that the language can also be used to interfere with the action of a group!  Or to oppose to a group another one!  Dividing itself.  Starting off. Fighting for the space and invites.  No, we cannot support simply to finish our definition with the word we cooperated.


We can certainly agree that we wished such that we see many of the elements (houses, ways, trees, hills) in terms of denotations such as number, forms, the dimension, and the color, but such facts acquire to only mean with the association; to please to the debatable point; they must recently be fitted together according to certain coherent if atrophied the body of ideas.

The linguistic word is simply synonymous most formal and imposing one of the language of the adjective; in daily speech one could also say the science of the language!  That the phrase, nevertheless, would have special-one or technical defects, and so both words need the additional clarification!

Thus we face the central problem.  Nobodies once the simple landscape is not only constructed of what spreads its lies before our eyes only the one that is on the lookout within our brains.

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