Murray Moulding – Licorice Stilettos

Murray Moulding

Licorice Stilettos

At the Macon Doll House
Every necktie’s blowing Stardust

Real little lights go on the
parlor maid in licorice stilettos

Stick Nickel Nancy in the attic
standing if she’s shiny if she’s Dresden

When it’s Tacky Fanny carpet layer
squeeze the it and off it raves for seconds

The porch swing on the little
mail man giving madam upright Steinway

Bejuiced the Captain
in his Christmas flushes with a pull chain

The stairs go upside down no wonder
buggy in the kitchen bumping like a Kalvinator

If you can make it wiry
rear the horse but hold the frontal

The Captain sleeping hands up
a boot a walker this one if the water’s real

Or sit him painted valor and trust don’t
fool Penny Auntie’s got her thimble for the pricks

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