K. Silem Mohammad – 3 Poems

K. Silem Mohammad

3 Poems

Unusual Fog

Western scientific principles
rise up from sand-colored shores
out of blue volcanic action valleys
fading to brown at lower altitudes

materials needed:
books / charts / sea
jacket or pair of gloves or a hat
hell with it

being on dwarven runes I was thankful
that the research supervisor covered
me with a blanket

I have been and seen children
sobbing, dressed in pajamas
tost in the ocean like a mirror

La Vie Domestique

ride the bone of space
and sing a monastery cow
and go buy wine and meat
   strong mead mean meal
   Texas bloodline bloodbath
coiled up thing a mere bone and muscle
thigh to toe patchwork skin graft
measuringtape meatshop bondholder
strophe and antistrophe
its glittering vinyl skin
grass green in color
meat chorus sotto voce
nonironic Ionic retort
half blood half caste
ancient strife filthy dishes
   to wash to wipe to dry to clean
   one’s teeth to comb
   to shave one’s hair
tear to tatters tear piecemeal
small spot on skin great blood
forked bone gives passage
between the skin of the merrythought
as full as an egg is of meat as full
strophe and antistrophe all right
antistrophe roll under forward
      inviolable skindive
saying die into her skin saying dead
strong strove struck blond bloom bloop

The Post Beyond

Doc thinks the coughing is tragic
I guess he didn’t want to take that lie
where the limousine never marks the post beyond
this I see in Mr Emerson and frankly
with some silicone and imagination
my casita had not leaked?
the dealer offered to fix it for $37,500

Africanus to the pipe for illegal counterbalance
they had I think two gills apiece of ale
but I mean I love all men who dive
yet forsake the country forever
and never come into her too late!

and I want to tell you something
the old enemy had me fastened
no thought of sleep had I
I lay that I might watch her where she sat
I couldn’t bring myself to back off
I boxed powdered Kraft

you are testimonial
there is fun to be had

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