Suchoon Mo – Zen March

Suchoon Mo

Zen March

In Japanese

In Chinese

In Korean

But they mean the same
permutation or not

Zen Chan Seon
Zen Seon Chan

Chan Zen Seon
Chan Seon Zen

Seon Zen Chan
Seon Chan Zen

One Two Three
Left Right Left

Left Zen Chan
Right Seon Chan

Go Go Go
Come Come Come

Yup Yup Yup
Chap Chap Chap

Egg Too Yang
Yang Too Old

Won Tong Soup
No No No

Ing Yang soup
Yes Yes Yes

Zou En Light
Mao Zee Dung

Three Fleas Jump
Hop Hop Hop

One Two Three
Left Right Left

Three old monks
Marching on

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