Catherine Meng – Two Poems

Catherine Meng

Two Poems

20: KUAN (Contemplating)

Seasons (there are 4 with fixed regularity)
Deviate within, never in relation

Observe the many migrations
In cities & persons

The pattern is laid out between buildings
Alleys may all look the same, but the order there

A gifted individual can use

Sp/inspiration Su/work A/contemplation W/rest

When attempting to foresee
Note what preceded & you can determine what will follow

Take heed: one rarely sees what one desires
Yet the opportunity to master exists

In reaction & instinct.  In moving freely through streets
Broken by shadow

If you get in an accident & your voice is changed
Your example will create trust among your associates

Bob Dylan said that.
Something like that.

Your position is prone to be as prominent as your influence
The higher you rise to see

The more visible you become
i.e. you will be trusted

“I’m just being a slut”

Fixed in an afternoon.  A monument submerged.

This is not where we are.  I can’t decide s/now.

We agree on a place to meet in our dreams after we shuffle

through all the places we cannot agree on:

Milk Street.  Wyoming.  The Brooklyn bridge.  The Santo de Cristos.

Oakland.  The arroyo.  The Jerusalem olive tree.

Meanwhile, I watch 90210 in the lounge & chain smoke

until I sound like bad radio.  A constant that spans a century & travels toward space.

Because I said, “I’m just picking my butt,” and 10 years pass

before we separate, reminisce, & clarify

the statement that started it all.  So we agree to meet there

& get it right while we sleep.

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