Kyle Kaufman

Two Poems


interrogating      after the session    the
irregular    tight huddle    sky

if the capitalist     noted ripples     an ant
works under the same lights

United we      republicans     down by
Manzanar    and who architects

shift   like for immigrants ]     firmly urban
late bloomers    glow on wet streets

for if i write more   how firmly    “ by heart ”
      to dust the pictures but leave them

wednesday afternoon   a shower of
lights   aspen creek    gibbed & girded

wearing my best pink shirt   black  burnt
grumpy & mean    blah   blom   blotso

the background groan    coffee     2
beers down   i miss this world

fuzz floating       socialization
                 glides the knife        not lonely   not
out of place

a completely unmarked black     and the
space there?   oriyoki    layoff  merger

secret of calligraphy     of samsara    if
the blinking  defers

ordinary neon   average dramatic
queens      empty and untapped
a man comes out of a closet

as a girl out for the night      listens
something definite     photographic


consider  consider alchemy     yr bitters

the solid shapes of the world
delicious control    yet out comes
delicious      darkness

new fictive     form  :  already particular
energies   a cultivar    also irregular
office folk between offices

not isolated orderings        – porn star
                                        – escort
                                        – call girl
                                        – street walker
                                        – brothel girl
                                        – lap dancer

with their rituals     as per definition    our
machineobjects             as flexible as

how who are  am we  i    keeps moving
a conversation   sex        hungry to
define  a constant accessorizing   matrix
( a moving not a movie      bike wheel

revolution can be seen as   to make
these stones   taxi drivers dashboard
dice   newborn in white jumper held by
dad playing w/ feet     to fill the always
awkward    potholes       the driver could

beyond conventional goals   to watch
the easy bodies SMITHSONIAN
strangers open cupboards   a cold world
w/   eyes    a hole    a lowering    a
further  hole

cosmetic blog  “ fundament     the dog
chases his    where   ductile torsion
closing the gap ( mo jagged mo trouble

a desire for stable currencies  bumped
my head on a low overhang    the
ancient bristlecone pine forest    city is
to seitan as countryside is to
                                 a ) cowboy
                                 b ) tofu
                                 c ) an equal portion of
                                 d ) national park /

an elaboration or continuation by new
form    artificial    precepts wired in to
effect its affect    nothing  special

totipotent contestations     the electorate
miserable  “ meanwhile Ophelia dies ”
litany   little wispy white flowers  of griefs
“ how could a white girl get away with it? ”

saddled to fire      not a question of
belief :      jim in seoul   maya deren in
Haiti     the rider bursts out  in

“ … Without incident   or making
comment ”   18th & Dolores     after
adolescence   a young man needs to
learn   the freq. of asking

a getting dark of certainty  w/ o incident
great Greek remove where the heart
both hooks   on the page   endless and
intimate family   some familiar
somewhere      how did you get there?
you’re so bored its boring

he couldn’t imagine late afternoon. he
was expensive   also anxious   a  little
dazed   a little dream fog & logic running
to snare the viewer to buy    the warcry
– it’s time to enlist

and yet he had no desire  in bodily
dismemberment   the chthonic hiding in
the house rage    the emptiness of loud
men  –   redo the father’s room    –    “
we need ” the making of a room   the
phalanx of advancing police   the plonk
of synth over looped bass   heartache to

and still jetlagged and tired and tired  –
a woman smiled at me &Ndash; i reminded her
of something   IT FELT NICE – there is
a pleasant breeze       living under
occupation    this is old news     i get to
choose the color of my occupying army’
s tanks

all buddhas throughout space and time
take the 4 horsemen   and give them the
4 noble truths   warm now    w/ windows
open     are blanket & a fire for when it
turns cold    there’s no heater   but it is
clean : i’ve checked the walls      The
Empire State   “ to fill a need ” every
millionaire’s grandchild  formerly an
Iroquois empire   the old man falls

what does the name matter? and the
spider at his side waited to pull him in
pulled him in    it went fast though it
looked slow      “ extinct ” woods full of
paths  French suits   British figures

to fall asleep    all day   consider the
geese    who think    “ in lines ”    a
beautiful & fatal wound    thought noble
w/ o borders    w/ a cannibalism of eyes
–  empire     state  “ building blocks ”

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