Scott Glassman

jewel case: H5N1

femur | knee joint | scheme of gutride & phallic daze

this year, it will. spring migration. encounter. Asia to Alaska

in Alaska and elsewhere. projected. five to six times. as many birds

worry. south this fall

(i was courting you. inter-spacially

your answer)

oftentimes the cavewater. sublets. parishes (glow into us)

jolie’s format. riverboat | taxonomy. suit of. i love you in sickness. frivolous. as its

(coffins) may not have a diagnosis

in the cargohold. dreamflood. 5th watertight. compartment. screams for rivets & angles

Oedipus jpeg-glut. -ular. -uvial. your america. is america. is amer-ican-izing


fully hierarchical hegemonies. describe yourself (weight. height. color)

running length (30 years. 19 days. 5 hours)

sepia-tones & ayub ogada. honeysuckle. quarter darkness 1/5th of it. interesting to the un-

mercy medical. rehab / mica-embossed. humanization. bluegrass equated with

i pronounce you healed

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