Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Buildings fall

Buildings without lights
Stare back at me

How frightening space is

A book a life raft
A life an invention
A molecule is you
A molecular level inverted
(I love the man on my left)

as the comet slams into Jupiter

to reproduce that feeling

have you never reached your full potential?
seen any shady characters?

On the raft
The shady characters
In bundles asleep

Are frightened of the
Space in the inverted buildings

The feeling of reproduction
And the planets

Jupiter is as angry as Mars
Red from too much drinking

Although you’d like to stay protected
In the shade your mother pushes you
To the front nearly in the corrupted path
Of oncoming traffic
The molecular raft
A sex vacation for couples
In love with inventions
Alcoholic planets and books staring
At frightened spacey buildings
Like rafts caught in the trajectory
Like the man on my left
Who reproduces corrugated feelings
A sex molecule
Or shady vacation
Coupled with the oncoming feelings
In love with a raft
Your mother may have warned you about
Inventing planets

As buildings fall

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