Postcard Poems by Poetry Espreso

Postcard Poems by Poetry Espresso

Since March 2002, Poetry Espresso
has produced the following collaborative books of Postcard Poems:

Cassie Lewis & Del Ray Cross
Stephanie Young & Cassie Lewis

Brand Spanking New:  Jennifer Dannenberg & Cassie Lewis

Brand Spanking Newer:  Stephanie Young & Del Ray Cross

These books include a selection from a poem-a-day-for-a-month collaborative swap and
are now available in print.

Plus, the postcard excitement continues with the following collaborations,
which will be available soon:

Cassie Lewis & Tim Yu
Catherine Meng & Stephanie Young
Jim Behrle & Del Ray Cross
Nick Piombino & Stephanie Young

Please contact Cassie Lewis at, if you would like to order copies of any of the Postcard Books, or if you have any questions.

More projects pending, so stay tuned.

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