Postcard Poems by Poetry Espreso

Postcard Poems by Poetry Espresso

Since March 2002, Poetry Espresso
has produced the following collaborative books of Postcard Poems:

Cassie Lewis & Del Ray Cross
Stephanie Young & Cassie Lewis

Brand Spanking New:  Jennifer Dannenberg & Cassie Lewis

Brand Spanking Newer:  Stephanie Young & Del Ray Cross

These books include a selection from a poem-a-day-for-a-month collaborative swap and
are now available in print.

Plus, the postcard excitement continues with the following collaborations,
which will be available soon:

Cassie Lewis & Tim Yu
Catherine Meng & Stephanie Young
Jim Behrle & Del Ray Cross
Nick Piombino & Stephanie Young

Please contact Cassie Lewis at [email protected], if you would like to order copies of any of the Postcard Books, or if you have any questions.

More projects pending, so stay tuned.

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