Michael Ives – Loseday’s Child

Michael Ives

Loseday’s Child

Wonk tool Coo
Blot handy with
duodenum.  For unquest
tell body down,
and adorn they
came.  The speakling
mount a chocolate
fluxional, pre-celled
letterhead sent her
some affection wine.
Pasigraphize, fettle to
nuts, another and
a brained another.
The quarterlune antler
stirs Jupiter’s milk
a lake long
must.  Foreign quiziastrophicational
blowgun phase, done
grimes against blue
manatee, the fleshy
bursar merges no
Brenda for Seattle,
no tallied Alice
scone set, more
take it away
than clever, and memo
book in zazz
towel redactifed.  On
Loseday slide flow
token into sod
body at 55 minutes
to eat.  Forkufines
on fire walk
their tongues to
the Vorhees road,
swank over swivvle.
Now lift me
up into the

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