Mark DuCharme – Dude Do Not Pander

Mark DuCharme

Dude Do Not Pander

Research coagulant vest
Through language used, of chipperest
Household stuff—
Is not, apparently, what was set
Engulf me, ’til you thrive
Ridiculous aerial bombardments, petting
Social ironists by the ruined
Where thinking is accelerated
To create vinyl standbys
Is what I wanted to
Hear, it’s what
I wanted. To hear
All the news, I wanted
You to hear is
“All the News,” you hear?
Or all the news I hear, want it or
Hearing the news is what you want
This news, denuded of what you don’t want
To hear, goes on indefinitely
As I or Allah squander
In our going on out
Hearing what we want & nothing
But what we want (nothing new here)
Repeat though standardized
Alive & I too
Do want, disproportionate
To what I earn
Or am alive
At this disco, on standby
Aloha disinformation bubble
(Gasp) they are all out of order
They will never do you wrong

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