Robert Glück

excerpt from I, Boombox

Regardless of
What makes the sky
Dominant, a
Better trick with
A perfect absence
Of emptiness.
She sees the yawn
As birds, animals
In terrible
Pain can still
Flatulence.  I
Would have been
Able to have
Cancer.  Lingering
Youth Science
I frightened the
Painter whose face was
Still complimented.
Eva Zeisel
Comic books,
I want your
Put your language
Face on, brain
Video with
A hint of trigue.
Looking for a
Guy with a certain
Nasty nostalgia
At Surrogate-
Hamas to learn
About different
Types of lava,
Make a few batches
Of fudge.  His last
Minute play internet
Fundraising, evil
And advocacy
And kick the scream
Beyond this.  Meet
Robert Rauchenberg,
Black on White: Contrasts
In Solitude.
With its handcrafted
Nude straining
I am kept alive
By imperfection
Or trying to
Schedule the thoughts
Which prevent even
Koran midget
Trucks from roaring
The monolithing
The largest of
Three separate drips
A lonely silver
Flask.  She collapses
In awareness of
An afterlife
Plus ca change.  Bill
Seeks limitless
Protests.  An unpromise
Kept in Iraq

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