Murray Moulding

Murray Moulding

from Now Vibrato

Why carbon date a dreambug?
She’s a program with her doctress
boiled in latigo for that Nazi
mouthful Ozium never touched a
spouter never danced a sweat
Tell her scale down the Nietzsche

Dutch Elm goes butter up
“Vireo pro bono” goes the Mesial
“Not by the heron” goes Ozium
shifting gales for the sparrow race
I told you the Hydrochlorides
went to Helium?

Pocket the freezer
Unscrew me if you’re done
“Raise back hand for service” Sports
casting off for Maui wet their
lines in alibi of Birdland
if you need a tintype

Thanks for “Quark Squadron”
Dead strings my eye  But who
blows tomato on the Russian?
“Hello my baby, hello my septic Sergey”
Ozium doubling her milk duds
Ozium watching her Dodge dart

Vernal snapped a head line
There’s your “no” going back
We’d hung up  Exit through soft
windows  Life savers below
Every stream a silver liner
Then pop goes the dark

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