Christoph Girard – Three Poems

Christoph Girard

Three Poems


Save me for another war
an awry inconsistent to a nineteen-year-old century
roads are solid as persistence to escape a system in orbit
elevations rise to disengage the country
bridges heavy secure the high sea solid knife
ricin melts a mouth of canvas
receptions bend knees behind the resin
relics capture grains of deposit proper from close grass
sober exits influence the substance thorough consumption
prosaic flights mirror performance planes
whom devastate partitions on a warm feral winter

Plein Air

Heart come down on beautiful words this
cleanup will disappoint more
than carnage and promise to feed fear
with our extraordinary veins
my praise is strong
we are all the legs we crawl through
in reclamation
every nothing we sever run and cover
travels dry
my crisis lies ignored
stops the storm with a soliloquy in place


Callow canvases assault the faceless horizon
tilth pools to the blank of satin bristles whisk grounds
gate the skyline fruitless faith is
scarce as desire your melody fragile
secretes rays in a pint of violence ignites tomorrow
tomorrow is a lifeless reception
hope by mistakes influence fear as torturous imprisonment
positive numbers brush old brave thunderstorms
gestalt per strident distance
softball fields soil knees between lyrics
as the sun grows guilt fades gender actual and glint

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