Michael Farrell – football & jesus dont mix

Michael Farrell

football & jesus dont mix

hes been fighting
everyone for years he fell out with the
other three musketeers

saying i havent a clue he fails to call
sir i beat his dad
he calls me sir i
beat his mum with a
steel sword or a stalk of corn singing im
pope of the barrier reef
some call him the devil & some
a leaf but
reading auden practising walking balancing the
longer collected &
talking in riddles for my own protection
only eating makes me happy that
& knowing what
fails to scratching the

field out disappears
chooks disappear & boys who
self discipline or depression or guilt or something or eat
what tv says & it works welcome
to the cheap eats where everything wheat kills
the grass what does it mean he soothed
getting it
my throats like
paper he puts on his
cowboy hat &
counts the kiwis something black almost takes my head off
the theme from star wars

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