Michael Farrell – 2 Poems

Michael Farrell

2 Poems

an etching

of the suburb. To go I adapt the old model.
the little scheme a piece, a couple in the middle
an possibilities actual I myself, I nection I am sorbed
Perhaps, I will Goethe’s star. I draw sure., for example.
Germans. fashion. Greece seur, perfect. You are a little dramatic
soft three. the three./tones. dreamed, is raining, Beethoven’s Seventh,
initiative. Orgies I, I have Mozart. in the street, naturally
real; the street infre- street-life? I spring out, mosaic,
cold. the upstream. nearness oranges again we thought of vermouth
of blue wine. milk lonely, I am 1+ green
mice And my heart. some guinea-pigs, fly at night
a lyrical part. absence in school! violently I ask saken.
trust a piece. study. hunting the moods of a future
How inforcement, le misun- tears. a buck effects flower neck
atti- wild alone. like stone. everything his sprinkler, is cardboard
return. melodic melodic pattern? We and guitar. a trace ex-
. We experience ings erotic. scene. a a superflous. museum, orange
bowl- growing. Yesterday. Today, so they say. my birthday again.
IV). hysteria is soulful. Rain was the Vatican. Saturday in
a yellow statuary….paradise. January winter mood. I was immoral.
boy melancholy girl seriousness breakup works music, I dreamed everywhere
boardinghouse, together, us. the summer allowed her promise.
I was I still confused, sharp January nature: narrow. handsome
. Vegetation. Pines there, palm like Pompeii. in the earth palace

in pink the

isnt what we have here
just a beauty on gel
in tribute extending
the town that hides the great piece of iron
eroded morals that unkept promise
that had stood resolute as water or
a breath factory that cleared our specks
but the iron fell on deviant thought
in the mid 1980s knocked us out
we looked we averted meaning
our arms at right angles our gaze
angels we rose in the school play
parties all night
pine needle rolls
trouble with nerves
worms in vases
grammar too late
to remember
& other rules
the new job
felt like love
how could i
top myself
stocks were up
i knew none
to sing songs
the circus
rode through on
painted wood
bananas pall
my coloured world
what blinds you kills
you like iron
eat nutrigrain
run then & run
into the blood

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