Jennifer Dannenberg – Four Postcard Poems

Jennifer Dannenberg

Four Postcard Poems

Feb 8

Correction implies change
as in       dept. or
              golf swing
(would be so kind as to)
and so on
in private
to save face

Feb 11

the sky is divided in two
down by the railroad tracks a
man in a white t shirt crosses
I’ve seen that before, the way
his leg moves high and wide
his foot lost in the green grass

Feb 13

the girl we were is you now and
madly living in present
swinging him high in arms battling bills
shaving cents from hospital collectors
packing flu bugs in jars
picking lint off the wooly blue coat
sometimes in winter water beads
on the window and morning coffee
too black to see into is warm enough
to drink

Feb 18

Of all this most overwhelming
smelling roses and the
spring is
someone who looks like you
at the end
waiting to be inside the

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