Yu-Han Chao

Three Poems

Cat Torso

Cat torso, jeweled tail. No longer fashionable to show
significant portion of high thong under low jeans while sitting
on bar stool, leaning on elbows and arching back to show more.

Curve of ear accentuated by wave of hair,
accentuating hang of boob contrasting with
flatness of midriff.

The Eye of the Poem

One last peek at the bold nipple breaking through
fabric, societal constraints, standard sizes,
flower-shaped cover-ups. The most successful focal point
of all. The eye of the poem.


Old picture. Colors off. Cross-eyed nipples and tits.
Usually the owner becomes extremely offended
upon being asked the question, “Are/Is…cross-eyed?”

Angle with water pitcher pouring century-old water
on head of modern nymph, hair air-drying
in front of webcam.

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