Otto Chan – piNk flY swAtter karMa

Otto Chan

piNk flY swAtter karMa

Confused and dazed at the sight of wind
Flying pink makes me dizzy
Can’t catch me I’m not the gingerbread man
I’m your worst smack that you’ll ever wipe
With your dirty tissue

                                      My style is figure eight
nothing            but air is what the score keeps
Dirty martini makes the cosmo seem delicioussssssss
But I prefer salt on your rim
Jobs seem long and…
                                      do you really want to go about this?
           I’m blind as an easy target and that’s my comfort zone
I need to rest from all this dancing and maybe I’ll lick myself
On your arms… listen I’m not your mother trying to tell you what
To do why do you insist on making me your frustration
Maybe one day I’ll be you and I’ll understand what it means
To be SMACK!!!

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