Jumper Bloom – Magician: Lighter Fluid to Blame

Jumper Bloom

Magician:  Lighter Fluid to Blame


                              drunken-driving defendant


he wasn’t drinking firewater.

But he did eat fire.

                                        says he had just taught a fire-
                                        eating class in Hollywood

when he was pulled
                over by police in 1999 for driving
without his headlights on
                and going 55 mph
                in a 35 mph zone.

Police said he

                was not carrying a license,

                                        his eyes were bloodshot,
he could not stand

                  there was “an odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage.”


                                    A breath test measured his blood alcohol
at twice the legal limit.


                                      But the 32-year-old magician will

argue at his April 12 trial


                                that it wasn’t liquor that was detected; it
was three types of lighter fluid.


          The defense has worked before.



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