Bruce Covey

Two Poems

Notes to Section Two

2.1 With no idea of what to do nightly, the handy stable’s a little scrambled.
2.2 Thanks to pep testers, zip dancers, gun trivia, & press boxes.
2.3 Aluminum string is vulnerable to mixed reflectivity wrappers.
2.4 Intrepid apple, bidirectional hat—emits red peaches, forged in ice.
2.5 To transform second stepping circuit, switch stones, rent hot & huge.
2.6 Floppy squid backported to an official freak’s bias, handful of cases.
2.7 Slash, scoop, submit fresh meat!  Your broken branch is cold!
2.8 My genuine installs your genuine.  Four validation manifests.
2.9 Skipping skinnable maturity removes odd amp moisture, crushing oranges.
2.10 Leopard for something like ten minutes, a tiger pond, an engraving system.
2.11 Or, enzymes on the crow’s branch—a rapid phosphate.
2.12 Banshee twinkles free games, an audacious snapshot.
2.13 Fried radio episodes on the activities of clumped together pairs.
2.14 The gnomes are stunned, managed by nautilus and asterisk.

Notes to Section Five

5.1 Will tradition’s tablet be washed & pushed?
5.2 Will oxygen’s dashboard bury wine’s patch number?
5.3 How many blades to secure thunderbird’s spill?
5.4 What ghost exports woolen paper?
5.5 When dancing’s handy, do comic girls invite?
5.6 The ocean’s 5-second thumbnail? Flower monsters?
5.7 Does a spotted rumor groom cheetah’s orange?
5.8 The vast majority of heart-pounding slippers?
5.9 Who leaves her comfy chair in support of public safety?
5.10 Whose firewater is cramped & shady?
5.11 Surprised at the malformed mousewheel, Mercury?
5.12 The freezing resilience of the sheer lime skin?
5.13 Frost or torrent situated in liquid typesetter ecstasy?
5.14 Deeper cuts, sugar, come into my heart?

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