C.L. Bledsoe – 2 Poems

C.L. Bledsoe

2 Poems


the days add weight     like so much lead dropped on our     toes
make noise in creaky leather shoes     they want free  dom

ination is not love     are you saying my father loved     me
asles kept me in bed so long i forgot how to     wake

early     witness the sun dreary eyed and honest     before its morning cof  fe  (a)   (e)

tures include widescreen version     theatrical trailer     and inno  cen  (ts)   (ce)
in the sand don’t cut the feet like glass     though waves don’t flatten like a     train

your pets to live free     this lesson may save your     soul
cakes and tea will keep life in     me

et death head on     though preferably leaning slightly to the     left
ist rhetoric will not balance     waste

every moment you’re paid to use     savor your free     time
to take out the trash     try not to cry if the neighbors can see     you

said i could be anything i wanted     i want to be     anything
is better than nothing     not quite so good as fud  ge

st because you can’t feel doesn’t mean I shouldn’t brea  the
best way to kill the poor are cities     they  say

what you like     lies are like lead


the quick rabbit keeps his luck     the slow
fade of paper in the sun reminds me that wisdom doesn’t     last

night I saw a beetle crawling in my bathroom     arrogant and     perfect
ion comes for those who     wait

gain is envied by those who’ve lost     faith
said to shut the hell up and     drive

before you those who’d do you     harm
ony reinforces structure     makes things more     apparent

ly they think farm life is easy     this is a     myth
ology tell us to trust our     children

make pies from mud     to eat     the days     we’ve forgotten     something
important will come up     if you have to     lie

s fill the floor like so much lint in     pocket
s of low pressure cause storms     over

your shoulder is just air     the; sky holds nothing for     you;
need to learn about the world     the fox eats the slow

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