Julien Poirier – Two Poems

Julien Poirier

Two Poems

The Poem: Fact and Fiction

Great Whitefish at Microfiche
Eardrum ant amberized in gob of
toothpaste in patent cutie’s
cleavage.  Hippie Bel Air
locking wheels skimmed off the
cell in your hand a web
sensation on zazen star deck, a
Gefilte strutter the Straw Man Almanac on sun-soft bucket of a ’65
cloud too bright to wait to see
the gigantic satin butterfly of M
Muhammad Ali’s boxer shorts faced in thin
air, then stairs.  Like the DNA of a double-jointed Genie going off half-
Like Sherlock and Whiskey going
for the cheap gag
Like William Randolph Hearst stroking Orpheus’s lyre in his bathrobe
zoo (locks his lyre
in running lights) strolling halls of jumbo checkers,
a substantial ghost
Glasnost in heliotrope
socks, spring on Bleecker
Farmed out

Caterpillar at the Acropolis

the fuzz moves in on the sharps
extending its run on infinity
in The Literature of Menus

            robin’s egg on steel wool

            convertibles that snap like pills


whistles 3 Blind Mice, out for a pint
or tube socks, entombed in moonkist opium pipes

with her highly debatable eyes—like the union!

of a basement-rate brain surgeon and a brain in the saddle
bouncing off a wall that shouldn’t be

up till the tube gets chills of anticipation
and the train arrives

a blue eye fixed in prescription eggshell


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