Jim Behrle – 2 Postcard Poems

Jim Behrle

2 Postcard Poems
from Postcard Poems:  Jim Behrle & Del Ray Cross

Can’t Sleep Can’t Eat or Drink

in parallel universes we’re
mushrooms, that’s what I
worry about, with fat
sombrero faces.  paralyzed.
EAT OR DRINK, because
he is doing the moonwalk.
in 7,000 years I’ll be
7,030, that makes me
nervous.  without mouths
in mushroom galaxies, who
will kiss my fungi hands
or warn me when late night
moonwalkers get too close?


Virgins Always Laugh at Me

Del, flirting leads to ruins rising
like pink skeletons of pink animals.
Title: Virgins always laugh at me
and also hookers.  Got to get back
where it all started, slimy but
connected.  That’s the sound of the
men kidnapping the train.  Tonight
I lost my keys in a cockfight.  At
least I was somewhat victorious.
Preserve me as I am, however
ashen.  They are singing drastic
scales to lead us upstairs.  Let the
magma slither down the willing’s throat.


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