Shane Allison – Robert Mapplethorpe’s Fist

Shane Allison

Robert Mapplethorpe’s Fist

Leather boys are cute.
Big thick dicks and cruise buddies are cute.
Raw holes are cute.
Brazilian hustlers are cute.
Succulent nipples are cute
but not as cute as sucked nuts.
Sucked nuts are so cute.
Exhibitionists and voyeurs are cute.
But come on…are they as cute as scuffed knees and
slurped boners?
Boners getting slurped by she-males are cute.
Sugar daddies are cute.
Twinks are cute, too.
So are preppy jocks and deep throaters.
B-boy pier queens are cute.
Trannies are sensationally cute.
Drag queens are fabulously cute.
Ads say no fats or fems,
but fats and fems are real cuties.
Drag kings and big butts are cute.
Big butt drag kings are cute.
Gay gang bangers at sex parties are cute,
but sex parties with gay gang bangers handing out
complimentary dildos and state-of-the-art butt plugs
as party favors are so cute.
Titclamps are cute.
Bisexual black boys are cute, I’ll admit,
but bisexual black boys with titclamps on their tits
are so damn cute.
Vibrators are nice.
Blow job sluts ROCK!

But blow job sluts with vibrators in their mouths,
now that’s cute.
Sex clubs are cute.
So is a pierced boner in a pissy g-string.
But a sex clubber in a pissy g-string with a pierced
boner, that is cute.
Golden showers, buddy booths are cute.
Golden showers in buddy booths are cuter.
Piss drinkers are cute.
Scat Queens are great,
but who can resist a piss drinking Scat queen
drinking piss in a cute buddy booth?
Now that sounds yummy.
K-Y jelly is cute, but it’s better when it’s in 31 or so assorted flavors.
Like strawberry.
Strawberry lube is cute.
Strawberry-scented farts are cuter.
Ass lickers are cute.
Latino thugs are cute.
Grown men in diapers are cute.
Latino, ass-licking thugs passing strawberry-scented
farts are cute to me.
Low-hanging balls are cuter than high hanging balls.
Come-filled mouths are cute.
Come-filled mouths and sweaty armpits are cute.
Pussy boys and toes are cute,
but pussy boy, boy toes are even cuter.
Massaged fat dicks are cute through glory holes.
Rim jobs and glory holes are cute,
but a rim job through a glory hole is awesome.
East village cock suckers are cute.
Frat boys are okay, but cock sucking frat boys
from the East village are cuter than your average
East village cock sucking frat boy.
Cheating husbands are cute.
Clueless wives are cute, too.
A cheating husband walking around in the bra
belonging to his clueless wife is the cutest thing you could ever imagine.
Asian boys get a raw deal.
Who can resist a cute Asian boy?
Cute late night studs.
Cute leather whips.
Late night Asian boy-studs with diamond-studded
leather whips are cute.
Hairy asses can be a turn off.
Yet leather daddies with hairy asses are cute,
but not as cute as hairy-assed leather daddies
whipping the back sides of cute Asian boy-studs in the
late hours of the night.
Asian boy-studs getting whipped by hairy-assed leather
daddies are so cute.

Who doesn’t love a good glow-in-the-dark-rubber?
I love glow-in-the-dark rubbers about as much as I
love chocolate-scented poppers.
But this guy I know, a friend of mine,
adores cute popper-sniffing virgins with
glow-in-the-dark prophylactics on their penises.
You have to admit, that’s kind of cute.
Cock cravers are cute.
Cock cravers getting hot and high off sniffing stink
sneakers are cute.
Cute hairless chests.
Cute wet lips.
Wet lips kissing the hairless chest of a
sneaker-sniffing cock craver is cute.
Throbbing Irish cocks are cute.
Cute muscle daddies are cute.
I’ve heard that Irish muscle daddies with throbbing
Irish cocks are cute, but I’ve never seen one.
Now cock-throbbing Irish muscle daddies with hairless
chests and cute wet lips, now that’s a site to see.
I don’t care much for Chelsea boys.
Rim chairs are cute.
Rim chairs in Chelsea,
Chelsea boys in rim chairs are cute beyond belief.
Cute cock rings.
Cute face fuckers.
Face fuckers wearing cock rings are the cutest thing.
Face-fucking Chelsea boys in rim chairs in Chelsea
with cock rings around their things is cute,
but cock-ringed Chelsea boys sitting in rim chairs
from Chelsea doesn’t hold a candle to blow buddies and
musty nuts.
Musty nut blow buddies are cute.
Blow buddies with musty nuts are sweet.
Cute gay rappers and cute queer actors
are just as adorable as teddy bears or pink baby
but the musty nuts of gay rappers in the mouths of gay
actors are unbelievably cute.
Super freaks are cute,
but super freaky queer actors kissing the musty nuts
of gay rappers are cute to me.
Scandinavian boy-sluts seem cute to me.
Eight days of Scandinavian spankings
by eight Scandinavian slutty boys is cute to me.
Imagine eight Scandinavian super freaky queer actors
spanking and kissing sixteen Scandinavian musty balls
of eight Scandinavian gay rappers.
The thought of eight Scandinavian gay rappers
getting sixteen Scandinavian musty nuts
kissed and spanked on by eight Scandinavian super
freaked out queer actors are cute to me.
Queens are cute to me.
Queens is cute to me.
Queens in Queens are cute to me.
Queens in Queens with smooth butts seem cute to me.
Cuter than Brooklyn-bred old geezers.
Brooklyn-bred old geezers are cute.
A Brooklyn-bred old geezer who is worth millions is cute.
A Brooklyn-bred millionaire on a three-day excursion
of kinky sex in Queens with a cute smooth butt is cuter.
But a millionaire Brooklyn-bred old geezer on a kinky three-day excursion
of kinky sex in Queens is without a doubt, the cutest thing to me.

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