Jordan Davis – Two Poems

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Jordan Davis

Two Poems


The Facility Finder

I was pleased to discover America.
It cheered me up to hear everybody else fighting.
When I finally gave my hostility a name
I started cleaning up after it like a proper pet.
It felt great to make a fuzzy electrical sound.
Holding my place on line with the book
Of my one thousand doodles gave me
Inordinate feelings of pride. Or ordinate, maybe.
The sun making wavy lines on the roofs
Of the parking lot, the waves making
A glint-covered sunset on the roof of my heart,
The roofs keeping me my accustomed level
Of damp, it all meant one thing: tautology
Is the energy source of the future, and you
Are the one I want beside me in the vehicle,
Our hands on each other’s knees,
Shouting our heads off to the music
Recorded on this obsolete medium
As a low-cost way to express our earliest vibes. 

Bank Holiday

I’m not going to say anything
I’m just going to wear this fur
And these diamonds
And these antlers

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