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Gale Acuff teaches English at Hunan University of Arts and Science, Changde, in the People’s Republic of China.  he has a PhD in English and plays guitar earnestly, if badly.  he’s the author of Buffalo Nickel and The Weight of the World.

Gary Barwin says: “1. my writing is a needle shortening the pants of monotony and dread.  2. through the chest hairs of language, my poems seek gold medallions and the burnished signs of the zodiac in the mythic resonance of the curly pectoral forest.  3. I am a one-handed phrenologist kneeling in a haberdasher’s fantasyworld funhouse, a contestant playing the carbon dating game with the moon-fearing bachelorettes of my ancestors.  and they ask why do you even bother?  you charm only noses.”

Jim Behrle was just promoted to Night Manager of the 6th Ave Taco Bell/KFC.

Gregory Betts (according to the apostrophe engine) is the Canadian solely responsible for the content you submit; is a publisher or author and holds the digital rights to a book, your book, made available as an ebook on amazon; is finished, checks the dictionary and sees how close you were to the actual meanings.

Ryan Bird deeply regrets his shameless parody of Jimmy Buffet’s dejected-slacker masterwork; moreover, should Mr. Buffet ever discover this blatant thievery, Ryan Bird promises to offer him one cheeseburger in paradise as compensation.

Tim Botta lives in North Carolina and teaches at a local community college.  his work has appeared or is forthcoming in absent, alice blue, Dusie, MiPOesias, and zafusy.

Emily Brungo was raised in the small hamlet of Zelienople, Pennsylvania.  she enjoys White Castle, karaoke, and scotch.  her mood greatly depends on the weekly performance of her one true love, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wayne Crawford edits the online journal, Lunarosity, and co-manages an anthology, Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders.  he lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico where the sun shines 250 days each year.  he lives a mile from the Rio Grande River, the perfect place for a resturant with outdoor seating.

Del Ray Cross edited this magazine.  he has a new book named Lub Luffly by Pressed Wafer.  thanks for stopping by.

Caroline Crumpacker’s poetry, essays, and translations have appeared in various magazines as well as anthologies, including The Talisman Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Talisman, 2007); American Poets in the 21st Century: Who we are Now (Wesleyan University Press, 2006); and Love Poems by Younger American Poets (Verse Press, 2004).  she is a founding editor of Fence and Double Change, as well as a contributing editor for Circumference.  she is also the curator of the Bilingual Reading Series/World of Poetry at the Bowery Poetry Club and the Director of the Millay Colony for the Arts.  she is a Gemini living in Upstate New York with her partner Tom O’Malley and their daughter Colette (both Sags).

Brien James Dawson resides in St. Augustine, Florida, with his wife, daughter, cat, dog, and fish.  he enjoys building model bridges to burn down, he was Crazy Horse in a past life.  to contact him, put your ear to the ground and tap the theme to Mario Brothers, he can hear it from 3,578 miles away.

Simon DeDeo is a scientist and poet.  he lives in Chicago where he edits absent magazine and rhubarb is susan.  he rides a Brooks saddle on a steel frame.

Erica Miriam Fabri is a poet and educator.  she teaches creative writing courses at various colleges in New York City.  some of her students believe she is the long lost twin sister of the “Sun-Maid Raisins” girl.  she denies this accusation.

Thomas Fink, author of No Appointment Necessary (Moria Poetry, 2006) and three previous books of poetry, is running out of CVS Therapeutic Shampoo, which “fights itchy, flaky scalp,” and should remember to buy another 16 fl. oz. bottle soon.  his paintings appeared in Otoliths, issue 2, part 2 this year.

James Grinwis is starting up a new magazine called Bateaubateau is French for boat and is pronounced like ‘bat-toe’.  speaking of bats, you can learn how to adopt one here.

Crag Hill’s hair, or at least what’s left of it, is a local legend.  many passersby, in and out of the shower, see Einstein, Beethoven, a pronounced dysfunctional middle-aged afro.  Hill sees poems — flourishes, waves, punctuation, caesura — notes he tunes with a comb but once a day.

in addition to writing and translating (books forthcoming from Action Books, Atelos, Kenning Editions and Palm Press in the nearish future), Jen Hofer is a member of the Little Fakers collective which creates and produces a serial episodic drama populated entirely by hand-made marionettes inhabiting lost, abandoned and ghost spaces in Los Angeles.  she bicycles nearly everywhere she goes in Los Angeles, and she is happily a founding member of the City of Angels Ladies’ Bicycle Association, also known as The Whirly Girls.

Yuri Hospodar lives in San Franwhammy.  he writes mostly for his drawers (briefs, not boxers).

Paolo Javier is the author of 60 lv bo(e)mbs (O Books), and the time at the
end of this writing
(Ahadada), which received a Small Press Traffic Book Award.  he recently completed a full-length play, Lunatic, and has presented his short dramatic works at Poet’s Theater Jamboree in San Francisco.  he edits 2nd Ave Poetry and lives in New York.

Vincent Katz lives in New York City, with his wife, Vivien, and sons, Isaac and Oliver.  his translation of the complete poems of Sextus Propertius won the 2005 National Translation Award.  he is the editor of Vanitas magazine and Libellum books.

Kevin Killian is the author of several books including, most recently, Selected Amazon Reviews, edited by Brent Cunningham, (Hooke Press, 2006).  he lives in San Francisco.

Jack Kimball reads at Small Press Traffic, San Francisco this March.  his Post~Twyla has just been released by Blue Lion Books.  Jack blogs at Pantaloons and publishes Faux Press based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Pete Lee lives with his wife Kelly in Ridgecrest, California, a small town in the Mojave Desert midway between Mount Whitney and Death Valley.  his poetry has recently appeared online at Right Hand Pointing, AntiMuse (Best of 2006), Unfettered Verse, The Orange Room Review, and Juice.

“Alphabet junkie with no hope of recovery”, David Levine is currently earning an MFA from City College in Harlem.  as a poet, street performer, MC, and visual artist, David crosses boundaries to spread the word.  his poems have been published by PO, Streeteaters, and the Times Union, amongst others.

Alana Madison lives in a number of student houses in various cities with a fantastic variety of people cleverly different and supposedly intelligent together under one roof.

Anne McGuire has long red hair and lives in San Francisco.  her video art is distributed by Video Data Bank in Chicago.  her works on paper are distributed by the USPS.

Joseph Mosconi is a lexicographer, linguist and poet.  he sleeps in Eagle Rock, works in Santa Monica, eats in the San Gabriel Valley, and drinks in Culver City.  sometimes he drives by Hollywood.

Jess MynesSun Scene From Afar will be published by Skysill Press in Spring 2007.  he is the editor of Fewer & Further Press.  he believes the remaining living members of the Bee Gees and the Beatles will form a super band any day now.  they may be named the Beagles, but he isn’t certain.

Jal Nicholl’s poetry has appeared in the journals Stylus, Famous Reporter, and Dotlit.  he lives in Melbourne, Australia, refers to himself in the third person, and counts his thoughts.

Daniela Olszewska won the coveted title of “Editorial Intern” by slaying a dragon that was threatening to burn down the headquarters of Switchback Books.

Chad Parenteau hangs on to life and hope not by a thread, but by several thousands of threads he has painfully saved up while living in the Boston area.  his chapbook Discarded:  Poems For My Apartments will be published by Cervena Barva Press in 2008.

Camille Roy is a writer and performer of fiction, poetry, and plays.  she edited Biting The Error: Writers Explore Narrative with Mary Burger, Robert Glück, and Gail Scott (CoachHouse 2005).  earlier books include Cheap Speech, a play, from Leroy, and Craquer, a fictional autobiography from 2nd Story Books, as well as Swarm (two novellas, Black Star Series), among others.  she teaches fiction at San Francisco State University.

Ryan Scott lives in the Czech Republic.  the move hasn’t improved his whistling.

Chad Sweeney haunts the back alleys of San Francisco with his eyepatch and glow-in-the-dark Scooby watch.  he scurries forth at night to admire his reflection in store windows superimposed on mannequins.  he spraypaints his poems on the undersides of buses.

Magdalena Zurawski was a poet, but then she wrote a novel.  now she doesn’t know what she is.


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