Ellie Claire Wood – Come Round for Tea

Ellie Claire Wood

Come Round for Tea

Once there was a girl who met a boy.

‘You make me feel like I have flowers growing out of me,’ she said.  ‘Get
inside me and walk around.’

And so he did.  He went for a walk and a good look around inside her.  Not
only were there flowers — orchids and daisies and water lilies — there were
trees and fishes and a Japanese water garden.  There were birds in cages,
tall buildings and a big neon sign flashing ‘love me love me love me love me
love me.’

‘Make yourself at home,’ she said.

And so he did.  He danced and sang and listened to the radio (she was
singing German operettas on every station).  He invited his friends round for
coffee.  He watched giant TV screens showing her face all day long.

He ate steak, drank wine and beat her like a piece of meat until she was black
and blue.  He put his cigarettes out in the ashtray of her heart and injected
himself into the cavities of her brain.  He walked around for days until he knew
every inch, smell and taste of her.  Then he lay down and fell asleep.

When he woke up, she was smiling a clandestine smile at him.  He had been
inside her and he was still here.

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